ATVs have always been a favorite four-wheeler not only for adults but also for children. Although the ATV is traditionally the young gentlemen activity, girls also enjoy riding it with the breeze, and sometimes even more than boys.

However, watching the kids gleefully squealing at turns, don’t forget that the ATV is not only an interesting but also a very dangerous toy. Parents should take a responsible approach both to the choice of an ATV and to teaching the child how to ride a four-wheeler properly.

Follow the safety guidelines when your kid is riding an ATV, and you might avoid injuries. First of all, children need constant supervision. In no case should the little child be left alone with the ATV. Moreover, when choosing an ATV, make sure that it has parental control features that turn off the ATV when you’re not able to watch your child.

Kids should ride only under the close supervision of parents, don’t use an ATV for a child as a way to get rid of them for a couple of hours, don’t make an ATV your substitute. Children love to explore the boundaries of what is allowed and what isn’t. And in the case of kids riding races, you should be careful. It’s better to spend some time riding with your child together and enjoy the adventure to the most.

Never let your child ride a four-wheeler without a helmet, even if it’s just a 10 min ride. You must be sure to provide them with maximum safety. Every time your kid hops on a seat, they should know that it’s allowed only if they wear a protective helmet. To teach this, you should be persistent and consistent. Always remind your child to put on the helmet, and if you also ride a four-wheeler, you should set a good example by constantly wearing a solid gear.

When your child starts riding a wheeler such as an electric go-kart or a gas ATV, you want to find the ideal toy. Your kid should have their own ATV and you need to choose it according to their age, development, physical training. Hence, don’t allow your child to ride an adult ATV, the consequences could be regretful for both the wheeler and the child.

In fact, powerful adult wheelers are too “aggressive” for little kids, so they should be ready to operate them duly. And when teaching a child to ride a kids ATV, increase the maximum speed gradually, without making the child get scared.

Never exceed the speed limit while driving with a child. First, try to drive at low speed just to get used to it.

Don’t seek extreme adventure on unknown trails. It’s better to choose trusted and tested routes for a ride with your kid, where every bump is familiar to you. If you need to go on a road that you have never ridden before, leave your child at home and go alone. Don’t push your luck riding a faulty ATV; this shouldn’t be done when you are riding alone either. Hence, the ATV should definitely be perfect for riding a kid.

Keep a small child in front of you, an older toddler can take a seat at the back.

Talk to your kid and explain what can and cannot be done while sitting on the seat. Tell them that in no case should they touch any buttons or levers, they shouldn’t jump from the running ATV, they shouldn’t be distracted and let go of their hands.

In addition, make sure you put a helmet on your child, as well as gloves, long-sleeve clothing, and goggles.

Once you teach your child these safety guidelines, they are ready to take a ride and have fun on their new four-wheeler.