As the holidays are close by, we are going to purchase brand-new equipment for our young riders. We decided to make up this list to blog about the best presents you might give your kids who like riding ATVs. This gear and devices are stuffs that I would love to get as a Birthday present or Christmas gift. So let’s get to the point, I hope you’ll enjoy this list of gift ideas for young riders.

Watches for Teens

Child driving through mud on his ATV

There are a few reasons why it’s a good idea to gift watches to teens who ride an ATV. First of all, watches can help you stay on track and keep track of time. If you’re out on the trails and you lose track of time, a watch can be a lifesaver. Watches can also help you stay safe by helping you keep track of your speed. If you know how fast you’re going, then you’ll be able to avoid going too fast and putting yourself in danger. Finally, watches can also be helpful in case of an emergency. If something happens and you need to call for help, having a watch on hand will make it easier for rescuers to find you quickly.

Modern watchmakers offer a huge batch off-road-friendly watches for teens and adults. They usually come with rubber or leather straps that can be easily cleaned. If you’re wondering how to clean leather watch band after a ride, check the watch maker’s prescriptions.

Waterproof Speakers

waterproof speakers for electric atv

As you might know, ATV driving can include riding on wet environments with mud and sand. That suggests lots of electronic devices are going to be incompatible with general ATV usage. But not these speakers though. Waterproof speakers are perfect for those who like adventurous wild trips or just want to listen to music while riding an ATV. The speakers can be plugged into a phone or audio source through AUX or Bluetooth, so that means you do not need to worry about wires.

The audio quality is highly respectable, nevertheless, don’t expect a very bass-heavy sound system. The speakers also have a great battery life of over 50 hours, which is incredibly helpful if you want to go camping. The only thing that I might not like about it is that it’s a little bit too big from our point. It’s not comfortable to get for these speakers more space than I would like. However aside from that, it’s a great product and a wonderful gift for a kid!

ATV Trendy Helmet

boy riding a green black atv wearing orange helmet

The most essential stuff in this list. No doubt, a kids ATV helmet is a very protective and stylish piece of equipment. Considering that head and lower back injuries are the most common serious ATV injuries, it is necessary that your kid gets something protecting that area. These helmets offer excellent levels of protection and they are quite lightweight. It’s super comfy and there’s usually enough space so you can use ATV safety glasses as well. Such helmets also have a wide range of modern styles readily available. So if you are trying to find a protective gear that will fit your clothing or riding jersey, you are welcome to choose an ATV helmet!

Off-Road Jersey

boy wearing blue and black jersey

If your kids don’t have any particular riding gear and are trying to find something comfortable to use when riding quads, then a riding jersey might be a great alternative! This will make you look like a pro. The jerseys are generally made of polyester which is perfect in a warmer climate. However, it also provides great ventilation too. ATV jerseys have extremely cool styles and lots of riders like matching the ATV jersey color to the color of their four-wheeler. This gift is highly recommended as it’s extremely comfortable and fashionable.

Kids ATV

boy smiling sitting on electric ATV

Of course, the best gift to offer your kid is actually a quad! The ATVs that we would recommend are electric kids ATVs. In fact, electrically powered models indicate no internal combustion engine. The average models come with batteries enough for a fun ride around the neighborhood or special off-road terrains. And they are also packed with some security features like a 3-speed governor. This mini-quad provides you the alternative to manage the speed that the ATV is going to run at, which is essential if you are going to have small kids riding it. These kids’ ATVs have several colors and styles readily available including pink if you have a daughter!

ATV Sporty Boots

teen riding atv wearing protecting gear

Boots are one of the most neglected parts of ATV riding equipment. Unfortunately, not everybody understands the value of the right protection of our legs and feet. They are very comfy and add safety as well. These boots protect extremely well, particularly the ankle area, a location that is really easy to hurt, especially when driving fast. The only disadvantage about such boots is that they’re a little bit heavier than regular boots because of the big number of paddings and protection. Anyways, if you are looking for something stylish that provides an excellent amount of protection with a budget-friendly price, this is the best option you can get as a gift for your young rider.

ATV Protective Facemask

kid with helmet glasses and face mask

Face masks is really a cool and edgy gift. These masks can function as a mouth protector for kids if they don’t use a helmet but also it can be worn simply as a great addition to your sporty look. There are a lot of styles readily available, and we advise you to pick the color of a perfect match with the gloves. Last but not least, this is a great birthday gift alternative for young riders who want to look catchy and be in the spotlight.