Kenwood revamped their DDX375B with a brand new design. Introducing the DDX376BT Double DIN DVD Receiver. The first noticeable difference is the command button panel which has been slightly changed featuring a new backup camera source button to instantly take you to the video feed of that camera any time, so long as it’s wired properly. After taking away the iPod AV auxiliary inputs on the DDX375BT Kenwood brought it back for the DDX376BT. Why would you take it away in the first place? Damn. Quit playing with our hearts, man. To get more out of it check our top list of most popular double DIN head units of 2019.

This will allow you to display an outside video source onto the stereo or even mirror a device with the QMVTOP-35AV1 and Beuler BU-HDMIV. Links for all adapters in the video bio. The the sartup is pretty decent at 14 seconds.

Top Features And Supported Formats

Bluetooth is a necessary feature today, it allows you to practice hands free calling plus wireless music streaming. The DDX376BT also offers dual phone connection. Connecting a device via USB port of course enables a charge to your phone and also gives you access to your music and app control over Pandora, Spotify and iHeartRadio through the stereo. The difference between the USB and Bluetooth connections is that the USB displays album artwork onto the stereo and the Bluetooth connection does not, but still provides track tags.

The DDX376BT has Android rapid charge and Android Music Playback. The stereo’s tuner features 24 FM, AM station presets. This radio is compatible with DVDs and no, the display is not HD. I know bro, I know. Don’t get mad at me, I didn’t design the thing, we just sell it. But, movies and videos still looked pretty great on the Clear Resistive screen. Connecting a USB thumb drive adds the ability to display photos and videos on the radio as well as music files.

Audio Compatibility

For audio the radio is compatible with playback of MP3, WMA, AAC, WAV and FLAC files. For videos compatible with playback of MPEG1, MPEG2 files as well JPEG images. Because of safety regulations, in order to view images of movies and videos while driving you’ll need to bypass the parking brake. Link in the bio for that. Select a preset background for the display or customize it by uploading one yourself with a USB thumb drive.

Other Features

The Kenwood DDX376BT has extensive expandability options. Installing the iDatalink Maestro RR integrates your vehicle’s factory audio systems like Bose and Infiniti, integrates factory steering wheel controls, satellite radio and USB. It also adds OBD2 support with vehicle information allowing you to check out gauges, tire pressure, adjust climate control, parking assist. Use the video outputs and connect the stereo to backseat monitors. The radio is also SiriusXM ready with the SXV300v1, and you can add steering wheel control with the Axxess ASWC-1, add a backup camera and control the adjustable parking grid guidelines.

The keys have variable color illumination to set to any color you want, or use the scan option. Customize the layer of your home screen’s sources. The audio setting start at a customizable 13 band EQ with optional presets.

The connections in the back include wiring harness for power gun and speaker, SiriusXM, iDatalink Maestro, Bluetooth microphone, iPod AV in, video output, backup camera, three sets of four volt preamp outputs for front, rear and subwoofer, radio antenna and USB. The radio comes with a wiring harness, Bluetooth microphone and parking brake extension. Purchase the wireless remote control separately. Be sure to go to 10carbest to get all of your car, audio and video gear with us today.