Unfortunately, not everyone is lucky enough to have a fabulous view from the window of their house on the river, forest or just a green lawn. Sometimes you have to put up with the fact that the windows in the apartment overlook only the neighbor’s house, your garage, busy road or, in the worst-case scenario, a natural dump. Do not despair, it’s easy to improve an unpleasant view from the window!

So, we offer several original options for improving the view from the window.

1. Shelves

An interesting solution is to place removable shelves on the window. Make them visually weightless, light and transparent, then they definitely will not affect the amount of transmitted light. On the shelves, you can place flower vases, souvenirs, a collection of decorative plates and cups, small indoor plants and other decorative elements.

2. Rolled curtains

Roller curtains – this is one of the latest modern varieties of blinds, which is a single sheet that covers the entire surface of the window and is folded from above into a roll. Such curtains pass daylighе very well, masking the view from the window. They can be decorated, made from fabrics of different colors and textures. It all depends on your imagination.

3. Hanging vases and bottles of flowers

You most likely noticed on the shelves of shops a lot of different decorative vessels, bottles, and vases. Experiment with them! In a vase made of transparent colored glass, you can put fresh or artificial flowers, dried twigs, original bouquets of fabric (felt, plush). The main thing – the vase should be small and light, don’t make the design heavier! On New Year’s Day, you can replace vases with Christmas tree decorations, on Valentine’s day – with hearts, and on Easter – with baskets and painted eggshells.

4. Winter garden on the windowsill

Beautiful plants in a flowerpot will give the impression of a beautiful landscape; they can be hung on a window both from the street and from the premises. Choose abundantly flowering plants, which with a small size and weight of the pot will give you a beautiful armful of positive bright flowers.

5. Sparkling Beads

Try to create the effect of flowing water on the windows using curtains made of transparent fishing line, beads, beads, and crystals of different sizes. Such curtains can be bought in a store or made independently – fun evening entertainment for the whole family!

6. Stained Glass

Bright “pictures” of pieces of glass will become a wonderful decor and close the view from the window. The choice in favor of stained-glass windows will be a small miracle in the interior design in a classic style.

7. Window stickers

This is the easiest and most affordable way to mask a bad view from the window. The theme of stickers is extensive, you can choose stickers for any room. For example, in the nursery – cartoon characters, in the bedroom – abstract figures, in the kitchen – butterflies and flowers. Since the stickers do not leave marks, you can not worry about the surface, changing the “view from the window” at least every day!

Self-decorated windows will delight the eye, add zest to the interior and cheer you up, despite the bad weather and the unattractive view outside the window!