Fencing your animals is no longer the backbreaking work as used to be. ElectroBraid is so simple that except for digging post holes, the only tools you’ll need to install the braid fence (such as measuring tools) can be carried in a canvas tool bag. ElectroBraid fence is the permanent electric fence, which is safe, secure, simple. Installing ElectroBraid will save you time, money, trees and problem.

This installation manual will explain how to install ElectroBraid for small paddocks, medium pastures and a large pastures. Proper size paddocks and pastors are important for the care and well-being of your animals. Fights are bound to happen with overcrowding. The larger the paddock, the less stress and the less chance of a horse getting hurt and no sharp corners where a horse can get trapped by another horse.

Start by setting your corner posts and end posts.

ElectroBraid is a tension system. That means you should brace corner posts according to the contour of the land and soil conditions. Whether you choose H-bracing, or H-bracing with a four board look, a rounded corner system correct bracing will be the backbone to your ElectroBraid fence. Now with the posts in place, use a Jig or ruler and mark the post for spacing each line of braid. Space the other three lines of foot apart or to whatever spacing best suits your animals. If smaller animals are fenced with larger animals, simply widen all the spacing and equal amount in order to narrow the space between the bottom braid and the ground.

David Garcia from Horsezz says:

If you have predators such as coyote, wolf, cat or bear, an extra line of braid may help to keep them away from your horses.

Now center the insulators on your marks. Use two and a half inch screws to attach the insulator to the fence post. Installing the braid is simple. Using the end straight from the reel thread the braid through the insulator and clamping tight. Leave approximately two inches outside the split bolt connector. Make sure the connector is tight to avoid slippage.

Now start fencing. Carry the reel with you. On a small paddock fencing with electric fence for horses is as easy as walking the perimeter of your paddock or field. At the next corner post remove the pin lock and roller and slip the braid behind the roller. Replace the pin lock and you’re on your way to the next post. Do the same thing at all of the corner posts and watch how easy the braid changes direction. It travels freely around the ruler. This first strand of braid between all of the corner posts is a guide that tells you where to dig your inline posts. Using your guide started digging and install your inline posts. There won’t be as many posts as on a traditional fence. Inline posts are only needed every 50 feet. At the end post pull out as much slack as you can by hand.

To tighten the fence further you’ll need to use the ElectroBraid tensioning kit. It’s easy to assemble. Tie the S-hook to one end of the ratchet rope. Insert the other end of the ratchet rope into the ratchet. Insert the rope opposite to the release switch around the ratchet wheel and back out in the opposite direction. Tie a lot to prevent the end of the road from slipping back through the ratchet and you’re done.

Attach the ratchet system to the post. Now tighten the braid with the ratchet system. Keep going tighten until the ratchet won’t pull any tighter. Depending on how much slack you pulled out by hand you may have to repeat this tightening process several times. Now, clamp the line with a split bolt connector. Leave approximately two inches of braid outside the clamp. Then tape, cut and singe the end. Always tape before you cut. It prevents frame. Singeing prevents fraying after the tape wears off. Return to the beginning post and attached the ratchet system and tension the braid. Released the split bolt connector. Take up the slack and retighten the bolt. That’s all there is to it. Install the remaining lines in the same way.

In different soils and in different climates, posts can shift and cause the braid to relax. All you have to do is simply reset and tap your posts and retention the braid. Be sure to tighten each line before starting the next. ElectroBraid allows you to work with the lay of the land. Streams are easy to cross. ElectroBraid accommodates all sorts of terrain, including dips and rises.

Installing ElectroBraid on medium size pasture is every bit as easy. Because of the longer run in a medium sized pasture, you need to tighten the line from corner post two corner post. You’ll need a second ratchet system to do this. After installing a single line of braid and clamping the braid at the end post or gatepost, go to the first corner post and tighten the line. Pull up the slack, then tighten the line with the ratchet system. Leave the ratcheting clamp attached to hold the line tight. Proceed to the second corner post and repeat the tightening process with a second set of ratchet and clamps. Leave them attached to hold this section of line tight. Return to the first corner post. Remove the ratchet and clamp and use it to tighten the braid at the third corner post. You’re simply working your way around the paddock and tightening at each other.