What should you do with the kid so that he has only the most pleasant memories?

Working, household chores and other routine demand a lot of our time, often to the detriment of communicating with our kids. Even when there are a few free minutes, we don’t always know what interesting things you can do with your baby in addition to reading and common games.

Some parents find a way out including cartoons or playing computer games so the kid doesn’t ‘bother you’. In my opinion, this is the last thing to do when you really have no time to pay attention to the baby.

Today I’ve decided to offer you interesting ideas that, on the one hand, won’t take you much time but on the other hand, they will surprise and keep the baby busy for a long time. With your own hands, you can quickly and easily make a ‘miracle’ with a minimum of material costs. Try to come up with new ideas with your baby using our tips.

Cardboard house

Cardboard is an excellent material for building houses. It’s easy to cut, it bends well and it’s quite durable after gluing. Depending on your imagination, size, and density of the cardboard, you can make either a large house for a baby or a small one for dolls.

It’s better to make the house for the kid in such a way that it can be folded and removed at any time. To put the parts together in this case, it’s more convenient to use adhesive tape rather than glue and if necessary, glue reusable tapes. Don’t forget to make a window and doors, some curtains and other decorations would be lovely.

A dollhouse can be made in two ways: without the roof or without the front wall so it’s convenient to play. Try to make a copy of your apartment or a country house in miniature. This is not as difficult as it might seem at first sight but it will be interesting for you and delightful for your baby because here you can place your favorite toys not only in ‘your own’ but also in your ‘mother and father’s’ room.

Furniture in the house can be made of cardboard or buy a special wooden designer. It’s very budget-friendly and allows you to furnish all the rooms of the house up to the bathroom and toilet. And if you add some bedsheets, curtains, and rugs, you will get a real ‘Dream House’ without any extra costs and no harm to baby’s furniture.

The sea in a bottle

Pour some water into a transparent bottle, add a little blue food coloring (you can use tablets or powders for coloring Easter eggs), small shells, toys, glitter, etc. In the end, add a little vegetable oil, close the lid, shake and enjoy watching the ‘marine inhabitants’.

It’s an easier but not less interesting option. Make a jellyfish from a thin plastic bag, to do this, wrap a small area in the center of the package with a thread to make a jellyfish body and cut the remaining area with scissors into strips. Now dip the jellyfish in a bottle of water tinted with blue dye, close the lid. Shake the bottle and the jellyfish will come to life.

Games of light

Draw an ornament on a rectangular piece of cardboard, make a puncture with a thick needle along the lines of the picture, then glue the cardboard into the cylinder, and put a small light bulb or flashlight inside. Now you can turn off the light and enjoy the light patterns on the walls!
Another interesting lighting effect you can get if you cut out a picture on a round piece of cardboard, the diameter of which corresponds to the diameter of the glass of the flashlight. Now put this cardboard on the glass, turn off the light in the room and turn on the flashlight. Who says shadows cannot be revived?
vegetable stamps

Vegetable Stamps

Vegetables can be not only food but also a tool to create pictures.
A variety of stamps can be cut out from potatoes and a slice of celery will allow you to make prints of beautiful roses on paper.

Your kid will try his best to be a real artist!

Macaroni Decorations

Macaroni can also be used for creativity. Given the variety of shapes of pasta, you can create beads, bracelets and even Christmas toys. Parts can be painted before assembling or after it, the main thing is to let them dry well later.

If you need to cook dinner and the kid is asking you to play with him, try to involve your baby in cooking. Another way is to sit him at the table, give the rope and pasta and show how easy it is to make beads. Such games perfectly develop fine motor skills, and this is necessary not only to develop dexterity but also to improve speech.

Ice balls

Take a few balloons, pour some water with different dyes into them and put them in the freezer.
In a few hours, you will have multi-colored ice balls that you can play on the streets, or you can simply use it as a decoration for a yard or a snowman.


One more not only interesting but also the useful thing is building bird feeders. They can be made from empty milk cartons, water bottles, or plywood. Don’t forget to make a loop for hanging as well as cut out convenient windows and soft the edges so the birds don’t hurt themselves.
Put a treat into the birdhouse and play outside with the kid. Let the baby choose a solid branch and hang the feeder. Birds will be so grateful!