A high level of intelligence is a very attractive quality. It seems that people with advanced intelligence are becoming more successful in life. Although this is far from always the case. Success also consists of many other components. The intellect helps us a lot. What can we do to help develop the intelligence of our kids?

6 vital tips on how to help you raise a clever baby

1. Watch your baby’s diet

How to raise a smart baby? Child development begins in the womb. This is a place where genes and the uterine environment are influenced by the behavior of the mother, which determines the subsequent development of the baby, both physical and mental and cognitive.

According to studies, the development of pregnancy affects the mental development of the child. In addition, breastfeeding is the best guarantee for proper and mental development. According to scientists, your child’s intelligence level is increasing.

In addition, it was found that the level of intelligence also provokes aggressive and antisocial behavior of the child. Most likely, you need to start taking care of the brain of the child.

2. Encourage physical activity

Physical activity is a key recommendation for developing a child’s intelligence. It is scientifically proven that exercise stimulates cognitive development. In particular, studies at Griffith University showed that children learn to swim at an early age. They demonstrate higher scores, executable hand-eye tests, such as paper cutting, coloring, drawing lines and geometric shapes, and many other tests related to mathematical methods. In addition, their speech abilities were much better developed.

3. Take the child to kindergarten

Parents who regularly take their children to kindergarten contribute to their intellectual development. Early contact with the environment, which stimulates the development of children’s skills, facilitates communication with other children, increases the level of sociability and encourages its independence, which ultimately has a positive impact on its subsequent performance and intelligence.

4. Encourage your child to attend music lessons

Quite a lot of research confirms that early music education can enhance the intellectual development of preschool children. In particular, music lessons have a positive effect on memory, reading and writing skills, visual-spatial and spatial-temporal orientation skills. The child must certainly enjoy these activities. All the advantages of music education are effective only when your child perceives it as a pleasant experience. To convince your child that you are listening to music lessons, interest him, not force.

5. Motivate your child

Motivate the child to strive for goals, learn from mistakes and not give up. After all, this is the key to success. Explain to him that we can learn from them and move forward. I must say that you put a lot of effort and worked hard to prepare for this exam. Keep it up! This is not an easy task, but if you give up so quickly, you won’t get what you want. Try to do otherwise.

6. Read with your child

Raising a child in a stimulating environment is one of the main factors contributing to his intellectual development. Reading fairy tales and stories with the child not only forms his interest in reading but also takes into account his life values, activates the imagination, stimulates the acquisition of speech skills and encourages the reflection of what is read. In addition, reading together is an invaluable time we spend with our family.