Creating and designing your kid’s space is rather exciting, however, you need to think wisely when you do it. Think about the future and how hard it might be going when it’s time to clean up after the kids. Take smart decisions right now and don’t worry about the issues.

So when we’re discussing smart furniture ideas for kid’s bedroom, we’re just talking about wise designing for your future clean-up.

Double-purpose beds

smart bedroom with storage bed

Let’s start with the bed, right? If you do not have enough area or resources for one of those tricked-out bed/desk/jungle-gym stuff, don’t worry. There’s another way out to be space-smart when it comes to investing in a bed for a long time.

Purchase or build a double-purpose bed with a pull-out drawer base and solid headboard that functions as a shelf. Your kids can actually stuff their clothing and toys under the bed (do not pretend you never ever did it as a child when your mom or daddy asked you to clean up your room). The mess will run out fast and you’ll get more cabinet area for all other goods you keep buying for them.


kids bedroom with second floor

Bookshelves are incredible for reasons even besides keeping books. A modern bookshelf isn’t a shelf if there isn’t some sort of sculpture, flowers or pics. And to be honest, we enjoy having a fast, organized, go-to place for all the best books, which is a truly fantastic concept.

You can even upgrade the bookshelf to have a seating location integrated into it or, if you do not have enough area on the ground for a unit, set up horizontal, floating bookshelves along the walls, keeping it in the child’s reach.

Storage ottomans

pink grey bedroom with ottoman

Need a location to sit beside the floor or bed? Get an ottoman. And not just a common ottoman, buy a storage ottoman. Once again, the truth is that the kid’s space tends to function as a mini-storage room for some stuff to clear everything up very fast and get enough space for other things.

Choose a color or print that matches your child’s space and you’ll find out that they’re quite a lovely addition to the room.

Spacious crates and baskets

boy in playing basket with toys

From all the bedroom furniture to bring into your kid’s room, storage crates are must-have stuff. This is an incredibly smart solution to keep things after playtime.

Everything that has actually been mentioned before, this is additional storage space. Your real storage space is your crates and baskets. If your kids are still small or energetic, then soft baskets are a better choice for durability and safety.

Otherwise, storage cages are your best choice. Label, color, design and do whatever you need to do to encourage your kids putting their things away when the day is over and it’s time to go to bed.


modern grey bedroom for newborn

Kids who don’t feel cozy sitting on the chair that you bought will probably choose the floor or the bed. Purchase the best chair that can properly support your kid’s weight and not let them sink down or move off. Thanks to the variable market, there are lots of great ergonomic chair designs that might fit your kid like gaming chairs, kneeling chairs, bean bags, and many others.

The good is that many chairs are made from comfy and soft materials that kids can rest on. Convenience is the reason why you probably won’t look for chairs made from cement or steel in the market.

Playing table

playing table with color bricks

If your kids aren’t in primary school yet or are simply beginning primary school, then they do not need a common desk right now. You will have several years teaching them to sort out their desk and move all the mess off of it.

With all the other storage units in the bedroom, you don’t need to use a regular desk to keep toys on it. The desk is needed to be a workbench, to do homework or projects, for instance.

And in terms of gaming space, your kid needs a playing table, and if that gets a bit messy, it’s easy to understand.